Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When things fall apart

Yesterday was a terrible day. I found out our car needs $400 of work due to a leaking air conditioner. And then my hearing aid just stopped working. I first became irritable with my coworkers, giving short, barking answers to innocent questions. Then, I went into a brain fog and couldn't concentrate. I called my husband Tom who came to get me in his pick up truck. Once home, I went to sleep for a few hours and then woke up and rallied for the evening. I found an old hearing aid that I could use as a back up, and entered the world again feeling both sheepish and revived. Today I functioned pretty well with the back up aid. My coworkers were understanding and forgiving.

So what is my lesson from all of this? Sometimes things fall apart, and when they do, sometimes taking a time out is the best strategy. Trying to hear without a hearing aid is frustrating and exhausting. It is not much better for my communication partners.

The car is still in the shop and my hearing aid is still broken, but both are going to be fixable or, if necessary, replaceable. When I explained my plight to a coworker, he said he understood - he had a back-up leg. I laughed and he said "no really", meaning that he really does have a prosthetic leg and a back up. Once again, I felt sheepish but appreciative. We all make do the best we can, and having a back up can make a huge difference.

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