Friday, August 26, 2011


It's been awhile since I've posted on this blog.  I've been immersed in a new job and other life events.  But tonight I had one of those embarrassing moments.  As we were coming to the end of our after-dinner dog walk, a new neighbor approached and told us that something had happened to a young woman.  I heard him mention an injury from motorcycle exhaust and I heard Tom say "not mine" (they both have motorcycles) and I heard the neighbor ask if we had an antiseptic ointment and an ice pack.  Oh, but just the ice pack.  So I ran inside and grabbed two ice packs but it turned out he said she had ice packs and all he needed was the antiseptic ointment.  I had heard the exact opposite of what was said, missing one of those little words like "not" or "only".  I felt completely inept and embarrassed. And back to being about six years old again.  

Probably we all make these kinds of communication mistakes and I should be used to it.  Today a coworker told me about a book she was reading called The Art of Possibility.  She said we need to give ourselves more "A's".  I need to read this book - would it tell me to give myself an A for being responsive, for having ice packs in the freezer, for knowing my neighbors and being the kind of neighbor that a new person would approach in an urgent moment?  Would it give me an A for persevering despite missing so much everyday language?  Would it give me an A for being so connected to my feelings that the hot tears are there at the ready, not buried by layers of tension and stress?  Okay, that gives me straight A's for the night.  I'll take it.

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